THSC: Where has Education Gone, and Where is it Going?

Progressive ideology has begun to influence the public school system more than ever over the past ten to fifteen years. Progressive educators not only choose to give their ideas and beliefs to students, but they have begun to separate learning from parents. Parents are no longer encouraged to help their students learn, but are encouraged to hold back and let the teachers do the teaching. To put it simply, teachers are not only teaching students, they are beginning to raise students up in their very own beliefs.

The ideas that progressive education encourage include a governmental centered education base. When schools convey the idea that ‘government is best at education,’ it isolates learning from families. When schools don’t encourage parental involvement in the classroom, it takes away parental guidance in their student’s lives. Parents that want to be involved in their children’s lives should be encouraged to do so.

While there are some teachers that agree with the ideas of freedom and parental involvement, the majority of teachers align with the left. A recent poll showed that around 30% of teachers influence their students with their own beliefs. Now, what are these beliefs? According to a nationwide survey, or over 200 teachers and professors, President Bill Clinton was given a rating of a ‘B,’ while presidents like Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush all received “C’s”. This alone shows us that either 1, these teachers weren’t paying attention at all to our presidential history, or 2, they are leaning far to the left. Either one of these scenarios would be unfortunate and disappointing. (LIBERTAS: The Publication of Young Americans Foundation, link: – Summer 2012 Edition”)

Kate Obenshain, Vice President of the Young Americas Foundation noted that:

“In fact, when prompted as to what they considered Ronald Reagan’s greatest accomplishment, 17 percent – nearly one in five – of these educated professionals could think of nothing in Ronald Reagan’s eight years that merited mention.”

The professors and teaches we entrust every day to teach students and write textbooks not only give President Reagan a low rating for his long-lasting undertakings, but their condescension for our Founding Fathers is just as upsetting. Our founding fathers recognized incredible pride in the individual. They recognized that parents are the primary source of education and morals for their students. To the contrary, modern day public educators support a government run and controlled source of education.

One idea supported by the progressives is the idea of ‘The Open Classroom.’ However, there are quite a few flaws with this theory that aren’t noticeable on face value. The open classroom suggests that the best learning environment for students is in a group with many different age and grade groups. In this atmosphere, students work in small groups in order to finishing assigned goals. Inevitably, these schools have been seen to not increase, but decrease education. They end up significantly rising energy costs, distractions, and noise.

The traditional view of education not only offers students a more productive environment, but also provides educators that are trained to teach the facts, not their opinion. Traditional schools followed the ideas supported by the founding fathers. Additionally, it centralizes its focus around the students and parents., not around the teachers.

One main idea promoted by the traditional view is charter schools. Charter schools offer a targeted education that helps all students. Especially the ones that need the most help. Charter schools offer unique opportunities for any and all students. Charter schools have been successful in educating almost two-million students in over five-thousand different charter schools all over the county.

The United States needs serious reform to its education system and progressive education is not a practical option to address the problem.

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